Dear Colleagues;

 Breast Milk and Breastfeeding; All babies and children have right to adequate nutrition to maintain a healthy life. Breastfeeding is the most ideal method that provides babies with all kinds of the nutrients that a baby needs. In addition to well-known properties, components and benefits of breast milk, thanks to scientific search new ones have been discovered.  All these innovations need to be shared and discussed with scientists and health professionals. Based on this idea, we held the second of the "International Congress on Breastfeeding Facts"  between 20 and 22 May 2022. In commemoration of the anniversary the 41st anniversary of the adoption of the "International Law on Marketing of Breast Milk Substitutes", we planned to carry out it online with the theme of "Baby Food Code".

In the congress, together with the baby food code, which is a complete law of conscience, the characteristics of breast milk as a living food, a unique nutrient that supports maternal and child health both in the short and long term will be emphasized and discussed. In addition, we will be able to review the global breastfeeding situation by discussing international practices and cultural approaches at our congress together.

With our congress, we want to contribute support the improvement of breastfeeding in our country and throughout the world. For this purpose, we want to bring together many people, institutions and organizations operating in the field of breastfeeding. As the TEMAS Association Board of Directors, We hope to see you among us at the "“2nd International Congress on Breastfeeding Facts" and we thank you in advance for your valuable participation and contribution.


Congress Co-chairman
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Burcu KAYHAN TETİK


Congress Co-chairman


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Event Date:

20-22 May 2022

Abstract Submission Deadline: 

 10 April 2022

Early Registration Deadline:

4 March 2022