The updated and extended full texts of the accepted and submitted oral presentations will gain international identity and will be published online in the Special Issue of “Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science."


Full texts submissions will be made online via the website.

The points to be taken into consideration when submitting a full texts are stated below;

General Principles:

 •  Full texts will only be accepted through the online submission system on the congress website, Full Texts sent by mail or fax will not be taken into consideration.

• Before submitting a full texts, it is required to register through the online system.

• Full Texts will be presented in Turkish or English.

• Writers will electronically be notified that their full texts have been received.

• Submissions will be evaluated by the congress scientific committee; The appropriateness, acceptance and the type of presentation will be decided by the Scientific Committee.

• In order to be published in the Proceedings Book, the presenting author must complete the congress registration process.

Full Text Submission Deadline

• The deadline for submission is August 29, 2021, and no papers will be accepted to the "Online Submission System" after deadline

Evaluation of the Full Texts

• The Full Texts will be evaluated by the Congress Scientific Committee, keeping the researchers' names, surnames and institutions confidential. Acceptance, rejection and, if necessary, correction requests from the authors will be made according to the evaluation of the Scientific Committee.

• All correspondence regarding the Full Text will be made with the author who uploaded it to the system.


• Language both can be Turkish or English.

• The entire paper should not exceed 4 pages.

Please click here to see the TEMPLATE


• Oral presentation will be presented in Turkish or English.

• All presentations will be presented in the order specified in the congress program.

• Full texts which are not presented at the congress, will not be published in the proceedings book.

• The name of the person who will present the oral presentation should be underlined.

• Since the questions and discussions of the oral presentation will be made at the end of the session, the presenters should not leave the hall until the end of the session.

Event Date:

20-22 May 2022

Abstract Submission Deadline: 

 10 April 2022

Early Registration Deadline:

4 March 2022