Main Topics


1. Breastfeeding in Human History

2. Ethical Approach to Breastfeeding and the Baby Food Code

3. Biological Reactor; Breasts (Microbiota, Stem Cell, Micro RNA, Growth Factors, Hormones)

4. Legal Aspect of Breastfeeding Counseling

5. Motivation of Breastfeeding Counseling

6. Adaptation to Breastfeeding, Increasing Well-Being in Breastfeeding (Thinking Healthy)

7. The Warm Chain of Support in Breastfeeding

8. Emerging Trend Virtual Breastfeeding Support

9. Circadian Breastfeeding

10. Recreational Breastfeeding and Women in Life

11. Individual Approach Model in Breastfeeding Counseling

12. Being Multidisciplinary in Breastfeeding Counseling

13. Advanced Counseling Skills and Mentoring

14. Challenging Conditions and Breastfeeding (Pandemic, Disasters, Immigrants, Prisoners, Poor, Disabled)

15. Safe Social Media

16. A Culturally Sensitive Approach to Breastfeeding

17. The Effect of Traumatic Life Experiences on Breastfeeding

18. Sociology and Breastfeeding

19. Breastfeeding from the Preconceptional Period to the Postpartum Period (me)

20. Non-pharmacological Methods in Breastfeeding

Event Date:

20-22 May 2022

Abstract Submission Deadline: 

 10 April 2022

Early Registration Deadline:

4 March 2022